Intel Likely to Seize the 14nm Market, Announces Partnership with Panasonic

8 Jul

Intel has recently announced that it has secured a manufacturing agreement with Japan’s electronic device manufacturer, Panasonic. In the coming periods, the Japanese company’s LSI Business Division will be using the US chip maker’s 14nm system-on-chip (SoC) solutions in its general consumer products, and may begin to apply them to various of its high-definition audio and visual equipment as early as this year.

Intel’s present CEO, Brian Krzanich, is currently believed to be looking for more clients like Panasonic as the company transforms itself into a reliable semiconductor foundry within the industry. The foundry service market, according to Bloomberg, has managed to grow significantly in recent periods, thanks largely to the rising cost of semiconductor production which increased the willingness of hardware companies to outsource their chip production to third parties.

Intel has so far managed to secure chip production orders from five major companies, including US-based semiconductor company Altera. Panasonic currently remains the US chip giant’s largest client. Krzanich, who became Intel’s CEO last May, repeatedly emphasized that he would consider lending Intel’s manufacturing facilities to competing firms in the future. The company, understandably, is actively looking for new opportunities for growth following the consistent decline in personal computer shipments.

Judging by a recent report from VR-Zone, Intel’s Broadwell series will be among the company’s major product lines to be manufactured using its 14nm technology. The product line will be announced at some time during the first or second quarters of next year, following the release of Intel’s 14nm “Core M” series in the fourth quarter of 2014.


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