Apple Expected to Account for the Majority of TSMC’s Orders in 2014

29 Jul

Apple will potentially become TSMC’s largest client this year as it ramps up orders for the iPhone 6’s next gen chip, according to an unspecified supply chain report obtained by The production and packaging of the said chip, currently known as “A8”, will likely boost TSMC’s incomes “significantly” in the coming quarters, the report added.

With Korean manufacturing giant Samsung recently reported to have secured the majority of Apple’s 14nm-based A9 chip orders, TSMC’s growth prospects for the entire 2015 has become slightly less optimistic. However, since the overall demand for A9 chips is anticipated be more massive than that of the A8 chips’, noted that TSMC will still get a chance to receive a decent amount of A9 orders. Patently Apple, in a recent article, expressed similar optimism towards the situation, saying that “TSMC will win Apple’s A9 processor orders with its 16nm process” despite not being able to contribute immediately with its 14nm technology.

In the last quarter alone, the total number of A7-based iDevices shipped reached 48.5 million units (35.2 million iPhones plus 13.3 million iPads). In the event that the sales of the next generation iPhones and iPads surpass expectations, TSMC can be expected to benefit big time from its A8 chip orders this year.


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