TSMC parters with ARM to promote 10nm chip designs

5 Oct

Taiwanese semiconductor giant TSMC will be working with ARM in the next few years to develop 64-bit chip solutions that are based on its 10nm FinFet technology, various reports say.

According to ZDNet’s Charlie Osborne, the main reasons for the two companies’ increased cooperation are TSMC’s previous success in “scaling from 20SoC to 16FinFet” and the increasing relevance of 10nm FinFet technology.

By developing a product roadmap early, TSMC is hoping it can push out its 10nm FinFet designs for ARM during the fourth quarter of 2015, and will look to increase the company’s advantage over existing competitors in the area of 64-bit technology, ZDNet adds.

TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP), which is said to include a set of ecosystem interfaces and collaborative components approved by TSMC, will also be used by ARM to boost its ecosystem as well as facilitate its future developments.

When addressing the long term prospects of the two companies’ partnership in an official statement, Peter Hutton, ARM’s executive vice president, expressed optimism and suggested that the Taiwanese company’s leading edge technology will be helpful in keeping ARM’s future SoCs competitive:

“Our mutual commitment to providing industry leading solutions drives us to work together early in the development cycle to optimize both the processor and the process node,” Hutton said. “This joint optimization enables ARM silicon partners to design, tape-out and bring their products to market faster.”

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