China to see significant growth as 3D printing adoption rises

6 Oct

China’s manufacturing capability and production efficiency could experience significant boosts as the country continues to raise its investment in 3D printing technology, according to China-based research firm, Lux Research.

“While 3D printing has been touted as a way for Western economies to compete with China’s manufacturing advantages, the Asian giant is also taking rapid strides to parlay its traditional strengths into 3D printing,” Richard Jun Li, a research director at Lux Research, noted.

In one of the research company’s latest reports, titled “China’s Growing 3D Printing Ecosystem,” Li mentioned how China is already rapidly embracing the idea of applying 3D printing under industrial and educational settings, and claimed that this would enable sales of 3D printers to “quadruple” to 37800 during 2018.

The increased sales and application of 3D printers in China would be the most helpful to the country’s automotive industry, which would likely benefit when 3D printers are used to produce prototype parts on a massive scale, and the country’s growing health sector, Li suggested.


(picture credit: Want China Times)

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