MediaTek to supply octa-core chips to high-end phones in India

15 Oct

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek Inc. announced Oct. 13 its MT6595 octa-core chip will arrive in the Indian market by the end of the year to challenge Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor.

The MT6595, according to MediaTek, is the world’s first octa-core 4G LTE SOC smartphone chip and is expected to pose a real challenge to Qualcomm in the high-end smartphone market. Finbarr Moynihan, MediaTek’s general manager for its Corporate Sales International division, said the chip will mainly be used in mid to high-end devices that start from 20,000 Indian Rupee (US$327), the India Times reported.

When asked about the smartphone brands that will feature MT6595 chips in their handsets, Moynihan said Chinese vendor Lenovo has made a device with the chip and suggested MediaTek has been talking with various other local brands on the partnership. MediaTek announced Aug. 20 that it would launch an R&D facility in Bangalore, its second in India, in order to serve the local market.

MediaTek expects to sell around 350 million chips this year, with 10 percent of them, or more than 30 million, being 4G LTE chips. The production of 4G LTE chips will further increase as more markets transition to 4G technology.

(Source: MoneyDJ)

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