Korea’s top two vendors forecast to take 40 percent of the global TV market in 2015

31 Mar

The South Korean vendors Samsung and LG are expected to take up to 40 percent of the global TV market this year, up from the previous year’s 34%, according to market analysis firm IHS.

Samsung’s TV market share will grow from last year’s 20% to 24% this year, while LG’s is set to rise from 14% to 16% during the same period, the research firm said. Of the estimated 239 million TVs set to ship this year, approximately 95.6 million units will come from Samsung and LG.

Some of the key product categories which the two companies will be focusing on include TVs with 4K resolution and curved displays. IHS expects the two companies to use these products to differentiate themselves and to offset the falling margins in the TV manufacturing industry.

For the entire 2015, Samsung and LG will see their shipment volumes grow 62% year-on-year for the 60-inch and larger panels, and 18% for the 50-inch panels, according to IHS’s data. Shipment volumes of panels smaller than 32 inches, meanwhile, is estimated to fall 20% year-on-year.

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