Huawei reports US$46.5 billion in revenue, beats rival Ericsson

1 Apr

Huawei Technologies Co., a major Chinese telecoms equipment maker, on March 31 reported total sales of US$46.5 billion for 2014 and a net profit of US$4.5 billion, both record-highs. Huawei’s 2014 revenue was roughly the same with Cisco Systems but 1.5 times that of major rival Ericsson. Its business with telecommunication operators, enterprise businesses, and general consumers grew 16.4 percent, 27.3 percent and 32.6 percent on year, respectively.

According to Huawei’s earnings report, sales from telecom operators in 2014 accounted for 66 percent of its total sales, or US$31 billion. The increase resulted mainly from the development of 4G LTE services that drove up demand for carrier and transmission networking. Enterprise businesses meanwhile represented US$3.1 billion of the Chinese company’s total revenues, up 27.3 percent from the previous year. Benefiting from the rapid growth of its smartphone business, Huawei’s sales to the general public grew 32.6 percent YoY in 2014 to reach US$12.1 billion. The total numbers of smartphones it shipped during the year totaled 75 million units, with approximately 35 million directed at overseas markets, according to the company’s executive.


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