COMPUTEX receives competitive applications for Best Choice Award

15 Apr

The Applications for the Best Choice Award (BC Award) at Computex 2015 has closed with less than two months until Asia’s largest computer expo. According to one of the organizers, Taipei Computer Association (TCA), some 450 entries were received, with products ranging from wearable devices to industrial-grade tablets, multi-functional NSA servers, gaming systems and smart appliances. For this year’s BC Award, many new competitors came from the areas of smart technology, peripherals and accessories as well as communication products, a sign that creative application and smart device R&D have become a major area of development for the information and communication industry.

Smart Home Automation is one of the new categories added to the BC Award this year. The number of applications received in this category is comparable to that of the Internet of Things (IOT) category. With the rise of Industry 4.0, many vendors are also competing in the categories of 3D Application Products and Smart Manufacturing and have proposed their own software and hardware integration solutions.

The TCA is scheduled to announce the award winners in a press conference in late May and give out the awards during the Computex opening ceremony on June 2, 2015. Overall, the Peripherals and Accessories category attracted the highest percentage of award applications, close to 20 percent. Many products entered in this category focused on both exterior designs and multi-functional features, while many others can be used with smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, providing greater convenience for users.

The popularity of expanded storage capacity brought on by the USB 3.1/3.0 storage interfaces and the new Type-C reversible connector can also be reflected in the award entries.

The organizers previously expected the number of applications for the Computer and System category to remain the same as last year. The number, however, increased due to the introduction of new processors and the wave of device upgrades generated by the release of Windows 10. The diversity of product designs in laptop and desktop computers also played a part. Lightweight computers, mini PC boxes, high-efficiency laptops and workstations will all be displayed to cater to the needs of buyers. To increase product competitiveness, some vendors offer customized models while some products allow DIY upgrades.

About Best Choice Award

Since 2002, BC Award has recognized products for their designs and innovations and provided buyers from around the world with exceptional options. To maintain objectivity and fairness, the National Taiwan University is commissioned to establish a committee consisting individuals from government agencies, academics circles, and research institutes. The committee also includes senior members of the domestic and international press and industry experts. Each entry is evaluated based on its uniqueness, innovation and market potential.

Information of award winners is available at BC Award website This year’s award winners will be displayed at the BC Award Pavilion in Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Award category

  1. Computer & System
  2. Security
  3. IPC & Embedded Products
  4. IC & Components
  5. Peripherals & Accessories
  6. Communication
  7. Car Electronics
  8. Gaming & Entertainment
  9. Touch & Display
  10. Data Storage
  11. Cloud Computing
  12. IOT
  13. Mobile Applications & Devices
  14. Wearable Products
  15. SmarTech
  16. 3D Application Products (NEW)
  17. Smart Home Automation (NEW)
  18. Smart Manufacturing (NEW)

Special awards

  • Best Choice of the Year
  • Green ICT Award
  • Best Design Award
  • Jury’s Special Award



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