ICT industry confidence index for Q2 at new high: survey

20 Apr

According to a recent survey done by the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) among Computex exhibitors of the confidence index for the second quarter, the indicator, called Computex Exhibitors Index (CEI), was at its highest in two years and 90 percent of the companies polled were hopeful of Q2. With the optimism, Computex, scheduled for early June, is expected to bring promising business opportunities for the information and communication technology industry.

Based on the analysis of the exhibitors’ industry categories, wearable technology, smart tech and applications, computers and systems, embedded products, communications products, and data storage products reported the highest confidence indexes. Most of the products from the six categories that will be on display at Computex feature Internet of Things (IoT) applications, according to the TCA.

The latest poll conducted on Computex exhibitors, which went from March 11- March 27, collected data from up to 570 companies. Among them, 31 percent were optimistic of the future, 37 percent were expecting small improvements, and 22 percent believed the situation would remain the same. By the end of the poll, the average CEI reached 1.95, the highest in two years and an indication of the industry’s growing optimism towards the future.

Based on the Q2 survey results, the overall outlook for mid and large sized enterprises also appears to be relatively optimistic. Both reported improved indexes compared to the previous quarter, with the former’s score at 2.09 and the latter’s at 2.04.

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