LG’s G4 Is Rumored Using Snapdragon 808 and Quantum Dot Display

22 Apr

Rumors swirl around LG’s newest high-end mobile device, G4, as it is set to unveil on April 28. According to the official video teaser, LG apparently has used the Quantum Dot display technology for G4’s 2K screen, so it is brighter and more colorful than other 2K display panels. On a less positive note, there is a leak going around suggesting G4 will be using Snapdragon 808 instead of Snapdragon 810 for its platform. The latter chipset, which is presently the most advanced Qualcomm has to offer, has been troubled by overheating; and with the downgrade LG intends to head off this issue before the launch of its latest flagship phone.

According to reporting by G4 Games, LG had to resort to this extreme measure because there was no viable solution to overheating. This claim has now gained more traction due to a photo of what is supposed to be a G4 phone posted on Twitter. The picture shows the G4 being benchmarked and revealed its chipset as the hexa-core Snapdragon 808. Earlier reports about Snapdragon 810’s overheating problem were related to HTC One M9, with an incident showing the phone’s surface temperature reaching 55 degrees Celsius. HTC purportedly resolved this crisis by tweaking the One M9’s software.

The review of the official G4 teaser on Stuff.tv suggests that G4’s screen is not merely just a 2K display (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), but it also has the same Quantum Dot technology found in LG’s 4K television sets. The preview video states that compared to other 2K displays, the G4’s is 25% brighter and has 20% more gamut.

LG releases additional news about G4 on its official Facebook fan page, including the information on the “vegetable-tanned leather” that is covering the back of the device. LG’s promotion emphasizes that this premium surface material provides a unique and luxurious texture.

(News source: MoneyDJ)

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