Apple Watch users complain low battery life for their iPhones

28 Apr

Since the Apple Watch hit the market on April 24, the first wave of users have been posting their impressions of the device on the Web. Contrary to some media’s initial concerns, most are satisfied with the Apple Watch’s actual battery life. The device basically manages to last all day on a single charge as touted. However, a more surprising and less welcoming finding is that the Apple Watch will significantly reduce the battery life of the iPhone that it is tethered to via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Up to now, the first group of Apple Watch owners have reported better-than-expected battery life, which according to Apple’s official website is 18 hours. Consumers seems to be contented with having the device charge once for about a day’s use.

Nonetheless, the Apple Watch has to be linked to an iPhone for full functionality, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow the transmissions of health tracker’s data and other notifications between devices. Maintaining this connection unfortunately is a serious drain on iPhone’s battery. The culprit behind this problem may be the apps that come with the device, since not every source of power consumption for full operation was included during product design.

(original article: Lin Li; translator: Thomas Hsu)

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