Toshiba Launches Small-sized Driver IC for DC Brushed Motor for Automotive Electronic Throttle Control

14 May

Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of “TB9051FTG”, a small-sized motor driver IC for DC brushed motors[1] intended for automotive electronic throttle control. “TB9051FTG” offers highly efficient operation and a small P-QFN28 package (6mm x 6mm), realized by its ultra-low on-resistance, the result of applying DMOS[2] transistors as driver circuits. Sample shipments will start in September 2015, with mass production scheduled to start in October 2016.

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While primarily targeting vehicle engine applications, such as electronic throttle and valve control, the new device can be also suitable for the control of on-board systems operating at up to 5A, such as control of wing mirrors and trunk locks.

Toshiba has also carried out a range of functional safety analyses to simulate various system failures and will provide customers with documentation to support safety analysis and design.

“TB9051FTG” will be showcased at the AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION (Yokohama 2015) and the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2015 to be held in Japan from May 20 to 22.

Key Features
1. Low on-resistance
Ultra-low on-resistance (H + L-side: 0.34Ωmax) is realized by applying DMOS[2] transistors as driver circuits in an IC fabricated with cutting-edge process technology.

2. Small flat package
The small flat package (P-QFN28-0606-0.65) is realized by the ultra-low on-resistance. Suited for small mounting boards.

3. Various failure detection circuits for functional safety
Built-in detection circuits include over current, over heat, low voltage and high voltage.

Automotive engine applications: Electronic throttle control, valve control
Other automotive on-board systems operating up to 5A: Control of wing mirrors and trunk locks.

Main Specifications

Part Number TB9051FTG
Channels 1ch(H-Bridge)

On Resistance(+/-3.0A,

0.34Ω(H-side+L-side, max)
Motor Functions Forward / Reverse / Brake
Other Functions PWM control / Current limit control / H-side current monitor

/ Diagnosis output / Power On Reset (POR) circuit

Detection Circuits Over Current/Over Heat/Low Battery Voltage(VBAT)/Low VCC/High VCC
Operating Voltage Range VBAT=4.5V to 28V, VCC=4.5V to 5.5V
External Power Supply 2 Power Supplies (VBAT,VCC)
Package P-QFN28-0606-0.65
Sample Availability September 2015
Mass Production October 2016

[1]: DC brushed motor: The motor with the commutator (brush).
[2]: DMOS: Double-Diffused MOSFET

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