Lenovo unveils concept smartphone Smart Cast with built-in projector

30 May

Chinese electronics maker Lenovo on May 28 hosted Lenovo Tech World, the company’s first global technology event, in Beijing. Lenovo showcased its latest projectors, Magic View smartphones, smart shoes and Moto Maker, but the most talked-about item at the event was Lenovo’s concept smartphone Smart Cast, which can project images and videos on any surface nearby.


The Tech World drew the support of many business leaders, including Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Baidu CEO Robin Li, who all delivered speeches at the event. Lenovo also unveiled new products at the event; VIBE Shot smartphone was officially launched in China and Motorola’s Moto Maker, which provides customization services, also became available in China.


The highlight of the event was Lenovo’s concept smartphone Smart Cast, which has a built-in laser projector. The phone can project on any surface nearby and allow users to send command by touching the projected touch screen. To demonstrate the feature, renowned pianist Lang Lang played a rendition of “The Entertainer” on the virtual keyboard at the event. Smart Cast is fitted with a focus-free laser projector, which can rotate and function well without interfering with phone use.



South Korea’s Samsung also rolled out a projector-enabled smartphone three years but the phone was not mass produced for the general public due to its high power consumption. Lenovo did not confirm at the event if the Smart Cast will be mass produced.

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