【COMPUTEX 2015】 ASUS Attracts Crowds with System, Peripheral Products

2 Jun

Among the many brand exhibitions at this year’s COMPUTEX Taipei, ASUSTeK Computer Inc. has offered one the most prolific product lineup. While Zen AiO, the all-in-one PC, and ZenFone Selfie, the niche product targeting an obvious user group, have captured much attention, ASUS has unveiled a slew of other innovative products covering systems, peripherals and smart homes.

ASUS showcases smartphones with camera flash attachments


Following the releases of the ZenFone and ZenPad series, ASUS has introduced numerous peripherals for their mobile devices according to the general market demand of recent years. ZenFlash and LolliFlash are two of the latest accessories that are on this year’s display. While both are externally connected camera flash devices, ZenFlash is especially designed for ZenFone 2 and boasts of being 100 times brighter than the smartphone’s built-in LED flash. ASUS presents ZenFlash as the equipment capable of giving serious ZenFone photographers pictures with qualities that rival the ones produce by SLR cameras.


The LolliFlash has a rather charming design and comes in five colors: black, white, red, blue and yellow. Looks, however, can be deceiving as it is very powerful function-wise, capable of retaining the original colors during shooting. As of now, ASUS has yet to release additional information on the pricing and availability of ZenFlash and LolliFlash.

A diverse range of power banks for all kinds of devices


ASUS has also launched its line of power banks starting with ZenPower. Currently, the 9600 model of ZenPower is available on the market, but ASUS also showcases many similar products at the exhibition. One ASUS power bank provides two USB ports for charging two mobile devices at the same time. Another large-capacity model recharges using a built-in wall plug instead of a USB interface. ASUS also introduces other power banks that are longer and larger in size. The ZenPower series shows ASUS is not developing power banks simply for mobile phones. The company intends these peripherals to be used with its own brand of tablets, mini notebooks and two-in-one tablets.


Mobile wireless router, hub and storage… a biscuit-shaped wonder in short


Aside from its unique biscuit shape, Travelair AC is crammed with features that serve the needs of people who are constantly on the go. This portable router is based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard, which provides faster network connection and wireless storage performance. As wireless hub, Travelair AC is capable of supporting five client devices at the same time. Users can also take advantage of its 32GB built-in storage and SD card slot for accessing photos and other big files.

The Travelair furthermore features 10 hours of battery life and is NFC-enabled, so it can directly pair up with other NFC-enabled mobile devices. The compatibility of this router extends beyond ASUS products. All Android and iOS devices can enjoy the full functionality of Travelair after they have installed its dedicated app.

First tablet with certified DTS sound system


Another interesting display in the ASUS exhibition shows 7-inch and 8-inch ZenPads with DTS speakers on the inside of their folio cases. This is made possible thanks to a design that integrates the tablet’s back casing with a customizable and interchangeable protective front cover. The speaker is embedded on the reverse side of the folio case and manages to enclose six speaker drivers, including a subwoofer for bass as per the DTS standard. Users will be able to enjoy high-quality audio when they attach this DTS-supported speaker cover to the latest ZenPad. And they can do so without worrying about battery drain since part of the cover is also a 4,000 mAh power bank.

Strong interests shown to curved display with 21:9 cinematic ratio


Demonstrating concept display products has been a tradition for ASUS at the COMPUTEX tradeshow. Out of all the displays introduced by ASUS this year, the 34-inch curved monitor is considered by the audience as the most eye-catching model. This display features a 3,440 x 1,440 pixel-resolution and a response time of 6ms. Judging from the demo reels, the 34-inch curved monitor sets a very high standard in terms of performance. However, ASUS has yet to confirm if this model is set for mass production.


The PA290Q, a 4K monitor for design professionals, is a product that will almost certainly be on the market. This model is 27 inches in size and has a 16:9 aspect ratio with a 3840 x 2160 pixel-resolution. CG artists will appreciate its ability to deliver a full Adobe color gamut (100% RGB), thereby reducing the problem of color shifts.

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