【COMPUTEX 2015】Acer announces new IoT partnerships at Computex

4 Jun

Acer Inc., the world’s No. 5 PC maker, announced new partnerships at Computex Thursday aimed at giving it a foothold in the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Acer will work with the US chipmaker Marvell and Chinese ODM Hipad to expand its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) ecosystem, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported.

In a press release, Acer said its cloud services and mobile apps have been integrated with Marvell’s IoT chipset. That integration is able to “empower Hipad’s smart home devices for monitoring, controlling, notification and data collection,” according to the Central News Agency.

“Marvell is pleased to collaborate with Acer and Hipad to bring a complete IoT platform solution to the market,” said Philip Poulidis, vice president and general manager of Wireless and Internet of Things Business Units at Marvell, in a statement. “The combined solution enables developers to rapidly develop and bring to market new and innovative IoT device, services, and applications.”

“Hipad has been working steadily to integrate Acer’s robust and flexible BYOC platform into our line of internet-connected and internet-ready products,” said Vincent Lai, chief technology officer of the IoT Business Unit at Hipad, in a statement. “With BYOC, we can provide a myriad of services to our 3G mobile wearable users, smart home appliances, and 3G/4G ready IPCAMs and GPS dash cams.”

UK software developer Canonical will also partner with Acer to develop a smart home surveillance solution, powered by Canonical’s Snappy Ubuntu Core OS.

“Snappy Ubuntu Core on top of Acer’s products will enable developers to let their imagination run free,” said Maarten Ectors, vice president of IoT, Proximity Cloud and Next-Gen Networking at Canonical, in a statement.

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