【COMPUTEX 2015】ChipSiP unveils smart headphones with display, joins race with Google Glass

5 Jun

Imagine a headphone that is combined with a Google Glass and then imagine using your tablet at your eye level. ChipSiP Technology, a Taiwanese wearable solutions provider, made that idea come true. At the Computex 2015, ChipSiP unveiled the world’s first Android-enabled smart headset with a 180-degree hinge, the SiME Smart Headphone. The headphone also has storage capacity and can play audio and video content, making the headphone more than just an accessory.



The SiME Smart Headphone combines the Android OS in smart glasses and a pico projection screen in the headphone, allowing users to stream entertainment content at their eye level. In addition, the SiME headphone is just like a small Android device that can connect to the Internet and stream, download and store entertainment content. Users can simply operate on the smart headphone without the need to send commands via a smartphone. However, the SiME smart headphone can also be linked to a smartphone and stream the content stored on the phone.


Compared to traditional headphones, the SiME smart headphone is fitted with a pico projection screen with a hinge that can rotate 180 degrees. Users can place the display in front of their eyes when watching a movie and lift the display when listening to music.

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