Xiaomi Is Launching a “Water” Related Product On June 10, Releases Teaser on Weibo

5 Jun

News source: Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

With Xiaomi, you seriously do not know what the world’s most valued tech startup is upto. Continuing with its surprise, non-guessable launches, Xiaomi is now gearing towards launching a new product likely to be related to ‘water’ (via GSMArena). And yes, that is as much vague as it can get.

The Chinese smartphone brand release a teaser of an event scheduled on June 10 in Beijing, on the Chinese micro blogging network Weibo which consists of a simple picture and text meaning WATER, without giving any additional information about the nature of product.


There are rumors that the product may be a water proof smart phone which has been in huge demand lately and hasn’t yet made an appearance on Xiaomi’s product catalogue. However, considering the fact that Xiaomi also has a presence in the water purification business in China and the rumours of Xiaomi developing a budget water purifier, it is more likely that the launch will be based on similar lines.

In the meanwhile, people are also waiting eagerly for the release of 2nd-gen Mi Pad tablet, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and Mi 5 which are expected to be released in coming months. But then, given Xiaomi’s philosophy of “expect the unexpected”, we ‘may’ get to see additional surprise announcements at the event.

Lately, Xiaomi has also shown interest in developing products related to Internet of Things i.e. an ecosystem of connected home devices . In fact, Xiaomi has tasted hell lot of success in that segment,  selling over 1.34 million connected devices at its fifth anniversary, alongside 2.12 million phones.

During the 12 hour sale, the company managed to sell 770,000 smart appliances, 208,000 Mi Bands, 79,000 Mi Wi-Fi, 38,600 Mi TVs, and 31,000 Mi Air Purifiers, and 247,000 and 45,000 units of the Mi Power Strips, Mi Smart Scales respectively.

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