【COMPUTEX 2015】Apple’s external storage accessories demand thrives as Apple products’ popularity continues

6 Jun

Apple’s iPhone, iPad popularity remains strong as manufacturers are launching more accessories to meet the driving demands. Lightning port is widely-adopted for external memory expansion devices. The lightning products are supplied by multiple accessory suppliers, and they are using the name of Apple to advertise and get larger market shares in the memory and storage devices industry.

There were not too many options for USB flash drives with Apple’s Lightning connector in the past. It was only after Apple started to allow third-party providers to build MFi-certified Lightning ports that an increasing number of Lightning port-equipped accessories are launched. At COMPUTEX, these devices are presented by the majority of the memory card and memory storages providers.

Double-ended USB flash drives with Lightning port entering the market

A double-ended design –Lightning port at one end and standard USB connector at the other– can be seen in most memory storage products showcased at Computex; Many memory storage providers apparently adopted this format to faciliate the transfer of files among iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs.


(Picture: SanDisk’s iXpand Flash Drive)

(Picture: PNY’s Lightning Adpater)

In contrast to traditional dual port USB drives which often come in bigger sizes, compact devices are favored by consumers nowadays. PQi’s newly launched products are very appealing in size, for example. It features smaller USB drive size, and comes equipped with dual ports- USB and Lightning. The new Type-C connector is also adopted for one of their new models.


(Picture: PQi’s iConnect mini is the mini-sized version of its iConnect, featuring size similar to normal USB drive)


(Picture: PQi iConnect adopts Lightning and brand-new USB Type-C connector)

External memory expansion tailor-made for the MacBook series

Transcend did not include iDevice-exclusive flash drives in their collection; instead, they launched a series of external storage devices, SD cards, and SSDs designed to work with MacBook specs. According to Transcend, MacBook users tend to pay more attention to the design and packing of products. To meet their demands, Transcend’s collections feature a seamless design specifically for MacBook lovers.

To allow for more convenient use, Transcend also made adjustments on their external memory expansion products and SSD JetDrives to better fit MacBook specs. In addition, they started to develop products that match the MacBook’s Aluminum Unibody design.

There are four different sizes of SD cards that are specifically designed for each different size of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, so the card can fit in perfectly in the corresponding model, in order to seamlessly integrate with the MacBook.


(Picture: JetDrive Lite comes in four different sizes to fit into different MacBook model.)

The JetDrive SSD Upgrade Kit – a build-in SSD for upgrade which is aimed at MacBooks– comes with a package featuring all the necessary tools. The screws are specifically for MacBook specs, to ensure users a more convenient experience in upgrading. An exclusive MacBook-compliant SSD is included in the package as well.


(Picture: JetDrive SSD Upgrade Kit includes special-made screwdriver, screws for enclosure case and a MacBook-compliant SSD.)

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