【COMPUTEX 2015】Altek vs. GoPro – Altek Corp. unveils world’s first wireless compact action camera for live broadcasting– Altek Cubic Live

7 Jun

Taiwan’s digital camera design manufacturer Alteks Corporation (Altek) announced an upgrade of their compact wireless sports & action camera, Altek Cubic Live, at COMPUTEX Taipei 2015. Compared to the first generation Cubic, which is focused on selfie-taking and high megapixels, the second generation Cubic’s highlight is its dual-band WiFi feature and 150-degree wide-angle lens. It is the first wireless compact sports & action video camera to be attached to drones to conduct live broadcasting.

At the demonstration, Altek’s staff flew a drone carrying the upgraded Cubic Live. The device showed a live view from the camera, displayed on YouTube. The Cubic Live features a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and can shoot full HD video. When continuously shooting FHD video, its battery can last up as long as 90 minutes, making it ideal for conducting live streaming videos at extreme sports events and parties.

GoPro, the most popular sports & action camera brand, has been working on broadcasting features to add in their cameras. However, it has yet to release a camera featuring live streaming functions. Its cameras need to be coupled with wireless transmitter accessories from third party providers to allow for live broadcasting features.


(Picture: Drone carries Altek’s second generation Cubic- Cubic Live to conduct live broadcasting. Photo by Tech News)

“Altek has demonstrated its ability as an entrepreneur solution provider for various imaging technologies. We are dedicated to researches and developments in delivering comprehensive solutions in camera lenses, Image Signal Processor (ISP) and software designs. In addition, our experiences in working with international brands, and in developing mobile phones and WiFi technologies, are essential to us in order to launch the first wireless compact sports & action camera to do live broadcasting,” Altek’s media contact person Jhan Siou-Jyun explained.

There have been rumors in the industry about how HTC’s RE camera was inspired by Altek’s Cubic. Indeed, after disassembling, it is clear the HTC RE adopted Altek’s camera solutions. HTC’S dual-lense smart phones – the HTC M8 and M9 Plus – apply Altek’s solutions as well.


(Picture: Altek’s first generation Cubic launched a limited edition featuring Sanrio Co.’s Hello Kitty. Altek Cubic Live will be available in Hello Kitty and a Egg Yolk editions. Photo by Tech News)

According to Jhan, “the first generation of Altek Cubic sold well after its initial launch in December 2013,” and the limited edition of Hello Kitty Cubic, which started selling since June 2014, was also well received. The second generation Cubic Live is estimated to sell more than 100,000 units, and will debut this July at a price of NT$3580. It will be available in two limited editions, one featuring Hello Kitty and the other Guadetama.

Aside from the mini compact wireless cameras which is aimed at the wearable electronics market, Altek will also be releasing related products for automobiles, cell phones and medical-related equipment. At the same time, they will work with OEM manufacturers to diversify their product lines and to fulfill imaging solution demands in different industries.

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