Android TV Now Has Over 600 New Channels On The Play Store

8 Jun

News source:  Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

Ever since its introduction, Android TV has struggled to make a bright impression on users, especially when put next to the achievements that Google Chromecast has garnered so far. In an attempt to rejuvenate Android TV’s fortune, Google has concatenated dozens of TV apps to Play Store, taking the total count of TV apps to over 600.

The new 600+ apps are also categorized into 20 new collections that help it easy to find specific types of apps like movies, sports, news, multiplayer games and more. Just scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select any category from the Apps or Games menus.

Also, the next iteration will allow users to program content from the likes of The Huffington Post and TED alongside broadcast networks like ABC and NBC.

Google has still to make a lot of efforts to make Android TV a viable platform. Roku already has more than 2,000 apps of its own, and Amazon’s Fire TV gained 600 new channels this week, clearly making much more progress as compared to Google’s Android powered offering.

Though, Apple offers only a limited collection of 70 apps over its Apple TV, it still is a strong contender in this race. Also, Apple is working on bringing in more content and improvising Apple TV content. While we may not see an upgraded Apple TV on Tomorrow’s WWDC keynote, we’ll still get to know a lot of new features for the Apple TV.

The new Android TV update should be showing up on compatible devices now, and you’ll see the new content in the store navigation area of your device.

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