Huawei Watch with Localized Services Available in China this September at the Earliest

9 Jun

The first smartwatch by Huawei Technologies Co. will be available in China sometimes in September or October, according to the latest scoop by news website DoNews. This high-end smartwatch, straightforwardly called Huawei Watch, was showcased in March this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While an approximate schedule for the watch’s release has been settled, Huawei still has yet to confirm if the wearable device will be powered by Android Wear or a locally developed operating system. The ongoing censorship dispute between Google Inc. and the Chinese government means that most Google services, including the built-in features of Android Wear, are blocked in China. On the other hand, Huawei Watch is perhaps the speedy channel through which Google will reintroduce itself in the country, which has become a major market for mobile and wearable technologies. There are also reports by various media outlets that Google is developing a presence in China with Google Play app store, but the U.S.-based tech giant has not announced a concrete timetable for its official return.

Kevin Ho, President of the Handset Product Line of Huawei Consumer Business Group, stated the negotiation involving Google over the optimizing services for the local market is still in progress. He therefore expects Huawei Watch to hit the China market in September or October at the earliest. Ho has also denied the rumor about Huawei accepting preorders for the smartwatch. Nonetheless, Huawei has given a clear and detailed presentation of the watch’s hardware on its official website. One attention-grabbing feature is the traditional circular wristwatch design with a round 1.4-inch AMOLED display and a cover made of sapphire glass. Huawei Watch also carries a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM.

In terms of functionality, Huawei Watch is equipped with numerous sensors that monitor all kinds of activities and sleep. The device is promoted as being able to recognize the type of fitness activity that the wearer is doing with its motion sensor. It is also able to tell if the wearer is active or resting and tracks his or her heart rate accordingly. Other standard functions that come with the smartwatch include notifications for calls, emails, and instant messages.

News source: DoNews

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