Twitter Wants a CEO Who Can Make A “Full-Time Commitment” To The Company

24 Jun

News source: Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

We know Twitter is among those searching for a CEO to lead the company. A statement recently released by the board of directors even outlined some of the more important requirements stating that they were looking for candidates “who are in a position to make a full-time commitment to Twitter.” Yup, we know who’s being targeted here.

While it may sound a bit strange on the surface — considering the fact that being the CEO of twitter is hardly something you could expect to handle part-time — exceptions can sometimes be found, such as in the case of the interim Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who is running both Twitter and Square.

This is not to say that the board is in any way unhappy with the job Jack Dorsey is doing. Speaking on the topic, board member Peter Currie said

The board has the utmost confidence in the strong management team Dick – Dick Costolo , Outgoing CEO has assembled and in Jack Dorsey’s ability to lead the company on an interim basis.

That being said, an arrangement suitable to everyone’s liking may be found that allows Dorsey to stay on as CEO. Dick Costalo certainly seemed to be leaning towards it as he lavished praise on Mr. Dorsey at the same time quashing questions on whether the CEO search was legitimate or not and quite firmly maintaining that a specific search was underway.

Jack is obviously the inventor and co-founder, just as important and more importantly he has this fluency in the way he thinks about the product and its potential that’s almost remarkable,

said Dick Costolo, at the Bloomberg Tech conference last week further adding that

We have dinner every Tuesday night where we think about the product. Jack has said this himself, this is about stepping into this role and letting the board do its work, and provide the space and time to do its work. He has this clarity of thinking about the product that doesn’t bring with it this conceptual baggage.

Well, it seems like we will have to wait a bit to know what the board finally decides — whether to go with Jack Dorsey or to look for a candidate who can give all his time to CEO-ing twitter. Hey, wait a second, I put my faith in SnoopDogg !

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