LG Unveils Hexagonal Battery for Smartwatches

30 Jun

LG Chem, subsidiary of South Korean electronics maker LG Corp., unveiled the world’s first hexagonal battery for smartwatches, Chinese tech site Leiphone reported on June 29. LG also previously introduced flexible battery and curved displays.

Sources close to the issue said LG designed the battery in hexagonal shape in order to maximize the space available in the battery. According to LG Chem, compared to traditional rectangular batteries, the hexagonal one has 25 percent better efficiency and can boost battery life to another four hours.

LG Chem Spokesman Woo Byeong-min also reportedly revealed that the battery was produced in Nanjing, China and jointly designed by LG and another technology company. Woo also said the battery might be used in the tech company’s new smartwatch this year. LG Chem did not disclose further details, but the industry believed the tech company at issue was not Apple or LG.

Interestingly, the hexagonal battery cannot be used in rectangular smartwatches but will work in round ones. LG Chem said it will introduce smartwatch batteries in more variety, such as curved or flexible batteries and ones that can stack up inside.

News source: Leiphone

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