Intel To Assist Microsoft In Solving A Windows 10 Bug Which Speeds Up Battery Drain

26 Jul

News source:  Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

With Windows 10 just across the horizon, we’ve been getting news after news about newer developments in the upcoming multi-platformed operating system. However, just a while ago there were news about a bug in the new OS that drains the battery of devices powered by it by factors of up to 10 percent.

The bug, which could prove to be a real downer for Windows 10 might not last long though, as Intel is on a sort of rescue mission to help the Redmond giant kill this bug.

According to an Intel spokesperson, the chip manufacturer is currently assisting Microsoft with solving the battery drain issue. It seems that the bug has been resolved for now and that Intel and Microsoft are currently working on ways to implement the solution across all the platforms Windows 10 is supposed to support.

While we are working on technical optimizations, we have seen very minor hits to battery life but even the upper end of what we have seen is below 10 percent,

said the spokesperson,

adding that battery life on devices running Windows 10 will “be nearly the same as on Windows 8.1 systems once the final Windows 10 drivers have been updated and released.

As a Windows 8.1 user myself, I think that would be quite alright as most of the current gen Windows devices have great battery lives, be IT smartphones oR laptops.

Intel further added, that with the launch so close, currently the folks at Microsoft are working double time to get the device drivers and such stuff of Windows 10 to work hand in hand with the Surface line.

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