Twitter executives visit Taiwan for the first time to promote advertising on its Twitter Audience Platform

31 Aug

Executives from the popular U.S.-based social media network Twitter visited Taiwan on August 25 for the first time to announce their strategy for the local market. Yet their target market is not Taiwanese consumers, but Taiwanese brands and ad agencies. Twitter said that they want to use their mobile ad network to help Taiwanese firms promote themselves globally. Twitter is not focused on the Taiwanese domestic market because it is too small.

The Twitter Audience Platform

Twitter has a huge user base. It has 316 million active users globally and every 2 days, there are 10 million Twitter posts. Overall, Twitter reaches more than 700 million people. With the Twitter Audience Platform, it can now help advertisers reach more of its users with the right kinds of ads.

Twitter sent Peter Greenberger, Greater China and Russia emerging market sales and marketing director and Alan Lan, head of business development for Greater China, to Taiwan to promote the Twitter Audience Platform. With the new platform, Twitter says advertisers no longer have to focus on driving mobile app installs or re-engagements — they can also set an objective to drive tweet engagements or video views. To support that, Twitter is also introducing new ad formats, with tweet engagement campaigns automatically transformed into ads in other apps, and Promoted Video campaigns becoming video ads. When users see these ads, they will have the ability to retweet or favorite them, directly in the ad unit.

But Twitter will be dependent on its mobile ad sever MoPub to get permission from different apps to allow advertisements on their platforms.

Twitter comes to Taiwan to help local firms tap overseas opportunities

Twitter’s strategy is to educate Taiwanese brands and ad agencies about overseas opportunities, not to focus on the small domestic market, Greenberger said, adding that Taiwan has many dynamic companies both established and new. Twitter can help Taiwan connect with the world, Greenberger emphasized.

On August 18, Kaohsiung City launched its own official Twitter account 「@KaohsiungCity」 and the city mayor Ms. Chen Chu tweeted in English.

Currently, Twitter has no plans to set up a Taiwan office. However, they are active in Asia, with offices in seven countries and territories in the region. The Twitter Asia headquarters is based in Singapore. Twitter also has offices in India, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Twitter has 100 staff members in Singapore and 5 in Hong Kong, according to Lan. Those staff members will support the Taiwan business, he said. Additionally, the company has Twitter Flight School, a new online resource designed to inspire creativity and help agencies of all sizes make the most of marketing on the platform.

Taiwanese are not active on Twitter right now. They tend to only follow European, American, South Korean and Japanese movie stars, NBA players or opinion leaders, Lan said. However, that could change in the future, as there is a Hong Kong-based expert on Twitter engagement who may visit Taiwan. This expert specializes in teaching brands and celebrities how to write appealing tweets.

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