Uber Rolls Out Help Function As An Upgrade To Its Safety Features

10 Oct

By Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

Ever since the series of unfortunate incidents happened, Uber has been trying to extend its support to customers by adding additional security features. In a similar attempt, tcompany rolled out an Help function which intends to provide a more convenient way for riders to trigger a real-time Safety Emergency alert to Uber and the local authorities in the rare event of an emergency or incident during an Uber trip.

Help function is basically a replacement to the in-app SOS button which has been available during Uber rides until now. However, the objective remains the same, providing instant help to riders in case of the need.

On initiating the Safety Emergency alert function, riders will have the option to connect with the local police via a phone call. Furthermore, it would send complete rider, driver and trip information to the local Police authorities in cities that have deployed Uber’s SOS alert solution.

As claimed by the company, it would also send notification to the Incident Response Team that is available 24 hours a day, so that the response agents can monitor the trip in real-time, provide instant phone support and relay critical trip information to the police.

To ensure that the rider’s acquaintances are notified immediately, an automated text message will be sent to pre-selected Emergency Contacts with detailed trip status, allowing them to monitor the trip in real-time via GPS.

Deval Delivala, India Safety Lead, Uber said –

This latest upgrade is another important step in our endeavor to provide riders with the most accountable form of transportation in cities across India. Uber’s technology brings unprecedented traceability powered by real-time GPS tracking on all rides, mandatory two-way rating system, and 24×7 rider support that ensures recourse. We’re also excited to extend our tech solutions to local law enforcement in our efforts to ensure safety before, during and after the ride.

Over the last nine months, Uber has introduced a number of safety initiatives in India, including re-verification of all driver partners with the police across cities, the establishment of a dedicated local Incident Response Team, SOS button, Send Status and disguised phone numbers.

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