Xiaomi Reportedly Hires Lenovo’s Ex-Official for First Xiaomi Laptop

10 Oct

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc. has been rumored several times to be working on its very first laptop computer.

Mobile China Alliance secretary-general Lao Yao said recently on Weibo that Xiaomi had hired an ex-senior official of rival Lenovo for the upcoming launch of its first laptop computer.

Lao Yao said the former Lenovo executive is expected to combine his or her experiences in Lenovo’s laptop business with Xiaomi’s expertise in the Internet of Things business. Lao Yao further revealed that Xiaomi will also offer MIUI in its laptop products and will also focus on games and security.

In early September, DigiTimes reported that sources from the supply chain in Taiwan disclosed that Xiaomi was working on a laptop product with a scheduled release in 2016. The product was reportedly being developed by Inventec and Hon Hai. Sources also said the laptop, like Xiaomi’s smartphones, will feature affordability and quality.

Internet rumors suggested that Xiaomi’s reported upcoming laptop will use Intel’s Haswell i7 process, and have a 15-inch 1080p hi-definition display. The laptop will reportedly use Linux OS, but other sources also suggested the possibility of the Windows OS. In terms of price, the laptop is expected to have a price tag of 2,999 RMB (US$ 472.53).

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