Mozilla Is Reportedly Developing A Lot Of Firefox OS Powered Hardware Stuff

25 Dec

By Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

And looks like Mozilla is back at it. Despite two and a half years of dedicated and active development, company’s Firefox OS based smartphones failed to gain any traction at all – -specially when you compare it with those cheap droids out there. However that hasn’t stopped Mozilla from bringing in new hardware devices, powered by that very OS, into the market.

According to certain documents leaked by Spanish blog Hipertextual, Mozilla is looking into bringing Firefox OS to tablets, standalone keyboards, and even routers.

When questioned on the relevance of those documents and the stage of development of the mentioned products, Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Mozilla’s chief legal and business officer, said in a statement to VB –

At Mozilla we work in the open and we are still at the early stages of exploring and prototyping new use cases for Firefox OS in the world of connected devices as an open source project with a clear focus on the user benefit and experience. This document represents early product concept work by one of our developers.

First up, Mozilla is looking to develop a Firefox OS powered router. Though it might look like a regular router, it will be running Firefox OS, which potentially makes it more customizable and controllable than an off the shelf router. And while that is there, it will also perfectly align with Mozilla’s current vision — developing a more open, freedomized internet for all.

The company is also working on a Firefox OS powered tablet. However, personally, an idea to manufacture a tablet at a time when tablet market is witnessing some serious slump appears to be a bit weird, and becomes all the more surprising considering that its younger siblings — the Firefox OS smartphones failed to work. We’ll have to still wait though, and see if these tablets ever make it out.

Mozilla had earlier made attempts to sell Firefox OS powered TV sticks but didn’t receive much applause. It seems that the company is setting up to make another such effort, but this time under its own Firefox brand.

There is also a “Firefox Pi” described in the leaked documents, and Pi very much means a partnership with Raspberry Pi. It is hard to say anything more on this, but we expect Mozilla to shed some light on this soon.

While Mozilla developed the Firefox OS based on Linux, and the UI was built using JavaScript and HTML5, the operating system for smartphone could never be in limelight due to lack of popularity and availability of apps.

Moreover, the devices powered with Firefox OS were low-end with limited amount of processing power and memory. Evidently, sales of Firefox OS smartphones were always sluggish from the beginning, in contrast to Android which has been in limelight since inception.

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