Android Marshmallow Now Installed On One Percent Of Devices, Nexus Sales Still At A Low

4 Feb

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Its been crawling growth, but M got there in the end. Yes folks, Android Marshmallow has finally entrenched itself on a total of 1% of Android devices, several months after its release.
The news comes straight from Google’s Platform Versions website for Android, where the numbers next to marshmallow changed, after the monthly page update.

So, over five months after Google first rolled it out via the new Nexus devices, Android M has been installed upon merely 1.2 percent of devices. Although the fact that hardly any smartphone has received it as an over the air update yet, may have something to do with the lagging numbers as well.

Incidentally, the data also gives a fair idea of the reception the Nexus devices have received — Google probably didn’t intend it — and since at present, they are mostly the force driving Android Marshmallow, it is clear that the sales of the devices, hasn’t exactly been a roaring success.

Well, while we cannot say the same for the Nexus devices, the stats associated with Marshmallow users are bound to increase so significantly as manufacturers roll it to their devices as an OTA, this year.

Meanwhile, Android KitKat has continued occupying the first place with Lollipop a close second. Jelly Bean is on third spot followed by Gingerbread, IceCream Sandwich in Marshmallow and Froyo.

The rankings can be expected to undergo some changes soon. While Lollipop will probably overtake KitKat in a couple of months, Marshmallow can be expected to jump a few rungs to land at the top three spots, as soon as manufacturers start with mass OTAs and new devices rocking the latest Android hit the shelfs.

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