Facebook May Launch A Standalone Camera App To Encourage Declining Personal Sharing

27 Apr

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

In an attempt to breathe fresh life into world’s single largest gathering of humans online, Facebook Inc. is developing a stand-alone camera app that it hopes, will encourage its users to participate on a more regular and active basis.

According to a WSJ report, a prototype of the app has already been prepared by Facebook’s team in its London offices and is similar in operation to Snapchat.

Apparently — and in sharp contrast to the Facebook app — the photo application directly opens up to the camera, rather like how Snapchat does things. The completely different approach Facebook is hoping, will encourage users to create more content, rather than just consume it off their news feed.

The app, if and when it materializes, is also going to take a completely different path from Facebook owned Instagram and will lay lesser focus on the quality of your camera. The major area will be getting more people to engage through the application.

The company was also considering adding live stream to the application, said people close to the development.

For years and years, Facebook has been the synonym of social networking, growing to over 1 billion users and constituting the largest single community of humans ever formed. However, the platform seems to be slowing down and losing its momentum.

Its not as if people are suddenly quitting Facebook, far from it. The trend also wont show up in many of the usage related data and graphs as well. However, when you stop and think about the time when everything noteworthy — from good marks to that nice picture — went on Facebook, the company is certainly slowing down with regards to users broadcasting personal content.

As per statistics from a  GlobalWebIndex survey, just 33 percent of the people surveyed, said that they updated their profile status in the past month. Meanwhile 37% said that they had uploaded or shared their own photos as long as a year ago, while 44% said they had updated their profile status in the prior month.

Again, it should be understood that the usage of the social networking platform is as strong as ever, however for many people, it has become a website they go to when bored, instead of a place where they used to share every little detail of their life.

Hence the rumored application.

It is however, not the first time Facebook is doing something to reverse the degenerative usage trends. You may have noticed the prompts above your news feeds last year, which were tailored to the particular users taste, location etc. Other features launched by Facebook to re-engage users include On This Day, which beings out stuff from your timeline from past years, automatically created photo collages and brand new video editing filters.

The app promises to be another step in the same direction. However, its still in its infancy and so far, there hasn’t been an official word on the topic yet. And considering its habit of trying new things out, Facebook is as likely to curtail the project as it is to go ahead with it.

Meanwhile, the idea certainly seems to be promising and if it catches on, we may just have a rush of people updating their status with freshly taken selfies and live-videos.

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