YouTube Releases Redesigned Mobile Homepage For iOS And Android Users, With An Improved Recommendation System

28 Apr

By Anmol Sachdeva,  The Tech Portal

YouTube doesn’t want its feat to ever end, and always be at the top of the video content creation and curation game. To strengthen its hold even further, YouTube, today has released an updated and redesigned Homepage for its Android and iOS users.

In an official announcement YouTube product managers, Brian Marquardt and Todd Beaupré write that the USP of the redesign is that,

you should be able to see new videos you love every time you visit YouTube—right on your homepage.

The app Homepage has received a facelift, and it is believed that this simple and clean format will help the users discover and enjoy more content, from their favorite content creator, without any hiccups. When the users open the application on their phone, they will now notice large, high resolution thumbnail images, front and center, covering the whole width of the application canvas. You will also notice a change in the title of the video, where instead of the just mentioning the name of the creator, you’ll now see a prominent profile icon highlighting the creator.


But, this isn’t the only thing to get excited about. So what YouTube got a new homepage?

No, this is not just a homepage redesign, but there is an important under–the-hood change, that coupled with the new redesign will show more relevant and personalised recommendations to the users, helping them easily discover recent content from their favorite YouTubers. This new recommendation system works on machine learning, and is based on the deep neural network technology developed at Google. This new and updated algorithm can automatically find patterns and adapt as it learns more about your viewing habits.

The new recommendation system has been tested with a selection of users before and it was deduced that the users spent more time watching fresh videos and content from their Subscriptions. This new system also takes into account recent uploads and your subscriptions, so that you never miss any new video from your favorite content creator.

The recommendation system will thus give you a more customized experience the next time you want to watch your favorite vlogger, or even rewatch the ‘Damn Daniel’ compilation. YouTube seems pretty confident about this update and wants you to spend even more time watching more videos, probably in the 76 languages, which is another statistic they have boasted about in this release.

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