Delta Electronics Features Smart Green Building at Computex 2016

3 Jun

Delta Electronics, a major Taiwanese power management solutions supplier, recreated its U.S. headquarters in Fremont, California at the Computex 2016 to showcase its latest energy-saving applications.

According to Delta CEO Zheng Ping, buildings use up one third of global end use and one half of the global electricity consumption. Featuring its U.S. headquarters building at the Computex, Delta shows its ability to apply IoT concepts and integrate automation and multiple energy-saving products in creating a building that achieves net-zero energy status. Delta said it continues to seek to increase resource management and use efficiency, and take advantage of natural conditions to achieve environmental-friendly, energy-saving products.

Delta’s green building has become a staple at the annual Computex, featuring tree house, sunshine elementary school, orchid house and flipped classrooms. This year, Delta’s exhibition is divided into three themes — Smarter, Greener and Together, involving smart buildings, green technology and interactive projections.

The company displays automation solutions in its smart buildings, including the Building Management and Control System (BMCS), which integrates HVAC, lighting, electricity distribution and security, as well as the Delta Energy Online, a system that manages and diagnoses energy-related issues.

Speaking of the company’s green technologies, Delta’s chief brand officer Guo Shan-shan said all the products were designed with sustainability in mind to achieve the utmost energy-saving efficiency. The latest DC Wallbox Quick EV Charger has an output of up to 25kW, which has the capacity to charge a Nissan Leaf electric car in 40 minutes. Different in size from the traditional DC chargers, the Delta product can help save the cost in moving and installation and is suitable for various places, from service areas along highways to retail stores, restaurants and hotels. The charger can also be connected to a smart device, through which the users can monitor the charging and even set up a timed charge for a period with lower electricity rate.

Also at the Computex, Delta exhibited its NovoPro, a wireless projector designed for interactions that is also suitable for commercial use. NovoPro enables content sharing among different mobile devices via WiFi. In addition, Delta also introduced the latest pocket-sized projector, Vivitek Qumi Q8, which has a brightness of 1,000 lm. The Vivitek Qumi Q8 is one of the a few small-sized projectors on the market that comes with 1080p definition. Another portable projector, Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus, was designed for entertainment. The projector has a built-in battery and 720p definition and can deliver up to two hours of operations.

Through its smart green buildings and related technological applications, Delta seeks to prove that technology can be used to help humans coexist in harmony with nature. During the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in December 2015, Delta organized an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, showcasing Delta’s 21 green buildings from the past 10 years. Delta also pledged to continue to introduce energy-saving, high-efficiency solutions in light of the increasingly extreme weather and climate change.

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