ZOTAC Rolls Out Backpack VR PCs

4 Jun

ZOTAC, manufacturer of mini PCs, introduced at Computex 2016 its latest product, a PC in a backpack that enables virtual reality (VR) gaming.

ZOTAC’s Mobile VR PC is built on its existing Magnus EN980, which is VR ready. Compared to traditional PCs connected to VR devices, the backpack VR PC allows relatively unlimited range of motions and makes VR experiences more effortless.

Visitors to the Computex were offered to experience the ZOTAC Mobile VR PC, which was hooked to HTC Vive. Weighing just 4.5 kg — much lighter than a reporter’s backpack which usually contains a laptop, camera, and chargers, the VR PC allows users to move at ease without worrying about tangled wires. The backpack PC also includes a lithium battery that can support VR experience for up to two to three hours.

ZOTAC’s backpack PC is based on Magnus EN980, which was released early this year at CES 2016. The mini PC has an Intel i5-6400 CPU, a NVIDIA GTX 980 GPU, and liquid cooling technique to keep the temperature down. The Magnus EN980 supports VR gaming and 4K video; the PC is expected to hit the market in June with a price tag of approximately under US$2,000.

ZOTAC also designs and manufactures GPUs and SSDs. ZOTAC developed and debuted at the Computex its AMP! and AMP! Extreme GPU cards based on Nvidia’s GPU GTX 1080, the most high-end GPU currently available.

The GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme is now ZOTAC’s most high-end GPU product. It has three fans for cooling and new Spectra LED lighting and modes via ZOTAC FireStorm. ZOTAC is expected to release a mini PC that runs on GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme in Q4 this year.

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