Shipments of Top Taiwanese Notebook Manufacturers Rise in May

12 Jun

Quanta Computer has revised upward its shipment guidance for the second quarter following better-than-expected shipment in May.“We previously estimated that this quarter’s notebook shipments would grow about 10 percent from last quarter’s [8.4 million units]. Now we think shipments are likely to grow 20 percent quarter-on-quarter,” a Quanta investor relations official told The Taipei Times.

The person said notebook shipments increased 27.58 percent to 3.7 million units in May. “The growth momentum was much better than we estimated and it is expected to extend to this month,” she said, while pointing out that the shipment increases only boosted revenue slightly as they were mostly comprised of lower-priced Chromebook products.

Quanta makes about 70% of all Chromebooks globally. Its Chromebook clients include HP, Asus and Acer.

Wistron and Inventec also reported higher shipments in May. Wistron’s notebook shipments increased 25 percent to 1.5 million units, while its desktop shipments rose 11.11 percent to 1 million units, according to The Taipei Times.

Meanwhile, Inventec said its notebook shipments in May rose 25 percent on a monthly basis to 1.5 million units. Inventec is “expecting a solid performance this month” as one of its clients is scheduled to introduce its first-ever notebook product soon. Market insiders say Inventec will make notebooks for Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi.

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