TSMC Market Cap Makes National Record Again, June Revenue Third Highest in History

13 Jul

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) on July 12 saw its share price rise to NT$171 (US$5.31), pushing up its market capitalization to NT$4.43 trillion, the highest for any company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

TSMC made the national record in market cap in June when its share price rose to NT$165.5, reaching NT$4.29 trillion in market capitalization. The company beat its own record on July 11 and did it again the following day.

In addition, TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip maker, on July 11 posted NT$81.39 billion in June revenue, up 10.6 percent from May and up 35.8 percent year-on-year. It was also TSMC’s third-highest monthly revenue in history. The revenue growth was believed to be a result of China’s increasing demand for smartphones and the upcoming new iPhone.

TSMC’s consolidated revenue for Q2 was NT$221.8 billion, up 9 percent from Q1. The Q2 revenue beat the company’s own forecast of NT$215 billion to NT$218 billion. CFO Lora Ho said during the investors’ conference in Q1 that the company expected growth in Q2 revenue, following inventory adjustment and the delayed delivery in the beginning of the year due to the deadly earthquake in southern Taiwan.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 also drives up the capacity of TSMC’s 16nm node. The company’s 28nm node is also in short supply, due to China’s warming demand for smartphones. TSMC Chairman Morris Chang said in early June that although the global economy and semiconductor prospect in 2016 are expected to remain similar to those of last year, TSMC is confident it can maintain stellar performances in revenue and profit and increase bonus for its employees.

(source: TPI image)

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