Apple Could Remove the Prominent Home Button from iPhone 7

10 Aug

By  Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Continuing with its habit of removing things from the iPhone series to make it ever more minimalistic, Apple may now remove the raised home button with a surface based, pressure-sensitive one that will provide haptic feedback when pressed. The news comes Mike Gurman of Bloomberg, who also talked about an improved dual camera  and the removal of the devices’ headphone jack.

Apart from the benefits brought to the looks of the device — if you are into minimal designs that is — the change is also expected to take care of some of the most severe problems associated with the iPhone. — namely the touch ID failure and iPhone bricking. If you have been following our website regularly, you may remember reading an article about how getting the iPhone home button fixed from your local repair shops had the potential of Apple disabling them for good.

The only alternative then if your home button got damaged, was to take it to the Apple service centers who extorted over $300 to repair it. Apple did fix the issue with an update after a general outcry, however, getting the button repaired at third party vendors may still have the effect of compromising the device security. Replacing it prominent, quick to damage home button with a pressure sensitive one may just resolve some of these issues.

Apart from the button, Apple is also expected to remove the headphone jack. The company will instead push users to connecting through the headphone jack and the USB port. In case you are unaware of that particular development, Apple allowed manufacturers to built headphones that could be connected through the USB port, after its acquisition of Beats.

Another one of the iPhone 7S highlights will be a camera that will ensure sharper pictures — particularly in low light conditions. This change is brought about courtesy of the dual camera lens which capture each photo separately and combine it to produce an improved one. The feature is rumored to be limited to the larger of the two devices Apple is launching in the fall.

Meanwhile, the devices are expected to run on iOS 10, which is expected to launch around the same time as the iPhone 7 and 7S. The new operating system will feature stuff like the ability to quickly go over calendar appointments and favorite contacts. Also coming will be a new messaging features and in keeping with Apple’s focus on iOT — a brand new application for controlling smart home appliances.

Well, Apple hasn’t been having a particularly good year with dropping sales despite the mid quarter launch of iPhone SE. The company probably has its fingers crossed for a good performance from this year’s flagship devices.

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