Lenovo to Launch Its Bendable Phone Ahead of Samsung?

18 Aug

Lenovo may have just hinted in an IFA teaser video that it would soon launch its bendable phone. The company and Samsung have been going to great lengths to develop one such phone for many years.

According to reports from TechWorld and GizmoChina, Lenovo had originally showcased some of its curved tablets and smartphones back in early June, when it held the Lenovo Tech World event in San Francisco, US. The IFA teaser video, which officially confirms the release of numerous “bendable” products, suggests the company will be unveiling an all new Lenovo Yoga desktop, keyboard, and smartphone on August 31st. This may be a sign that Lenovo’s official bendable smartphone will be launched in no time, said GizmoChina.

Samsung and LG have spent many years on the development of curved OLED display and both have launched smartphone products with it before. Samsung even announced it will launch bendable smartphones next year, and so did LG. However, it still remains unknown whether Lenovo will actually showcase its new smartphone at its launch event in the end of August.

(picture: TPGimages)

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