Xiaomi Clarifies It Has Nothing to do with Rumored “Xiaomi Watch”

24 Aug

The rumors of Xiaomi launching a smartwatch has been fueling for a while. On the 22nd, Huang Wang, the founder and CEO of HuaMi, Xiaomi’s eco-line company, officially confirmed that a smartwatch will be released on Aug 30, which temporarily escalated the public’s anticipation of the Xiaomi smartwatch. However, Xiaomi has recently dismissed the news and announced that the company is not officially launching a smartwatch. In addition, the company said the device mentioned by Huang Wang is one of Xiaomi’s eco-line products which has nothing to do with Xiaomi’s brand.

In a blog post that fueled the above rumor, Huang Wang wrote: “Just now, I thought a certain function can still be optimized, so I wore the device and ran around to confirm my idea. The early autumn night in Beijing feels cool, so it is a great season for running.” According to local reports, this post indirectly reveals that sports will be a key feature of the Xiaomi Smartwatch, which is consistent with the news exposures in the past.

In response to the news, Xiaomi has officially released a post on Weibo through its spokesperson account, saying: “there are many inquiries recently on the release of Xiaomi smartwatch. Right now, we are formally announcing that Xiaomi will not be launching the smartwatch; it is the product of Huami, an eco-line company invested by Xiaomi, which is not associated with the Xiaomi and Mijia brands”. It seems Xiaomi is determined to differentiate the relationships between Xiaomi and its eco-line companies.

In the recent years, the domestic shipments and market shares of Xiaomi smartphones have been in “crisis.” In the public’s eyes, instead of specializing in its main business, Xiaomi has been acting like a “department store” by selling various miscellaneous products. This time around, Xiaomi is evidently distinguishing the relationship between its main brand and eco-line companies. Perhaps it doesn’t wish to be seen as a “Xiaomi department store” any longer.

This official declaration from Xiaomi has fueled up discussions across the internet. Some internet users believe Xiaomi’s response indirectly shows its pessimistic view of the Huami smartwatch. Others are wondering who the actual manufacturer of the Xiaomi brands is.

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