Corning Continues to Launch Stronger Glass to Challenge New Limits

31 Aug

A display of great quality is vital for portable devices such as smartphones or tablets to show texts, images and videos. Recently, Corning is showcasing their bigger, thinner, high efficiency and tougher panel portfolio in Touch Taiwan 2016 at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.

In terms of the entire display market, TV sizes are becoming bigger and bigger and its increasing demands lead to growths in display market. However, the demand of PC is weak and results in the slow demands of PC displays for the IT market. There are still steady demands and growths for smartphones and public displays used in public areas.

The toughness of Gorilla has been strengthening ever since the release of optimized cover glass for first generation Glass 1 in 2007. The Gorilla Glass 5 released recently has improved damage resistance as much as 2 times better than its previous generation, Glass 4; and as much as 4 times better than the products from competitors. From the tests performed by Corning, there is an 80% chance that Gorilla Glass 5 won’t be damaged by dropping it from a height of 1.6 metres.


The various surface materials used by Corning for drop test. Sandpaper 180 Gnt is at the lowest position. It imitates the effect of asphalt road.

Beside the glass solutions manufactured for displays, Corning also released the Vibrant series for decorating electronic products. Compared to online printing or buying a shielding skin, it can be used on the back of laptops for better visual effects at a fairly competitive price. Chromebook 14 for Work launched recently by Acer has adopted the Vibrant decorations.


Decorative glass solution for smartphones

Being a centennial enterprise, Corning has new department that has been established for only 7 years. It tries to adopt glasses in other applications such as IC wafers for niche markets. Corning semiconductor glasses provide low power consumption and toughness for medical products and telecommunications.


Corning Glass substrates used in semi-conductor

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