Sony Launches a Brand New Watch with an E-Ink Display on the Face and the Band

31 Aug

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Do you remember Sony’s FES watch that surprised many with its curious looks? The watch came with an e-paper technology for both the face and a wrap around band, that had many in a twist. Well, there is a brand new iteration of the watch out in the market, and Sony is calling it the FES Watch U.

The band packs a flexible e-ink display along with the watch face itself, which as is obvious, is superbly exciting. Although Sony was actually initially wary of the idea and refrained from attaching its brand name to the watch, it has finally accepted the FES watch as its own.

Now we come to the most fantastic thing about this watch and what is also the most innovative use of an e-ink band and a face. The watch can actually change how it looks. Yup, we are not kidding. The e-ink display means that the watch face as well as the band can change effectively giving you a new watch at the push of a button.

Now, the watch is a bit bigger than say Apple or Pebble and the band is actually kind of thicker than what is the norm. However, as we have seen, it does have its benefits. Sony is also not compromising with the materials and the watch deploys steel and sapphire glass for the watch body — while other models generally use glass.

Thanks to the e-ink displays, the battery lasts for up to three weeks which is as good as the best out there. The watch is also waterproof which means that you can easily take it out for a dip in the seas if you should wish to. And guess what? The company is shipping it with 12 different watch faces and band designs, which means that you can be the envy of your group. You can also expect the company to send you more designs and styles as apparently, you can store up to 24 faces on the watch.

However, the company appears to be intent upon keeping it in Japan, assuredly for reasons of its own. There are a few ongoing crowdfunding programs, however, the company does not appear to have any plans of launching it anywhere else.

Well, tough luck rest of the world. However, if the crowdfunding campaigns pick up, as i think it will, it will be only a matter of time before we are flashing our FES watches at each other.

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