After Its Swift 7 Laptop, Acer’s Spin 7 Is Spinning Heads at IFA 2016

5 Sep

By Arjun Kocher, The Tech Portal

Well, alright. The Swift 7 is a pretty awesome device. We can grant you that. Thin, specs that are capable of blowing your mind and a degree of versatility that can leave you amazed. However, for those who are looking for machines that are more flexible and can match the power of almost any machine out there.  Allow us to introduce you to Acer’s brand new Spin 7 laptop.

In case you liked Lenovo’s Yoga series, you are going to love Spin 7. With 360 degrees rotation, the device reflects the best of its elder sibling, the Swift 7. And yes, the device has been so named for a reason, and that is that you can spin it all the way around its axis, like literally all the way.

The aluminium finish of the body gives it an elegant touch and the feel of the laptop itself, is quite soothing. The numerous alignments of the Full HD 14-inch IPS touch-screen are what separate the Spin 7 from most of the other products, out in the market. Fold it upon itself to grab a movie while reclining on your bed, flip it around to use it as a tablet, do whatever you want, the solid wobble-free hinge wont disappoint you.

However, the Unibody has a bunch of associated disadvantages as well, and it can get smudged pretty quickly, specially if your fingers are dirty. So, Hands off folks!

This 2.6 pound baby is pretty lightweight and when it come to specs it could roar like a beast. Intel Core i7 processors, a staggering 8GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD  hard drive, wide glass touch pad along with a couple of USB 3.1  Type C ports for faster connectivity complete the system. You also get the good old headphone jack, however. the volume rocker on the left side, accompanying the power button is something else. In fact, it may even be called a high note, as far as designing is concerned.

Although the screen does retain your fingerprints after a couple of swipes and twists but its not a particular point of concern, after all what else are all those screen cleaners for, right?

However, be warned, owning this elegantly magnificent machine could be kind of heavy on your pocket. The device costs $200 more then the Swift and comes for $1,199 product. From a purely technical standpoint the Swift 7 does outperform the Spin 7 by a significant margin, but if you are looking for an overall package you can show off to your buddies, well, you might want to give the Spin 7 a shot. If your friends are all tech geeks however, well it would be a completely different story then.

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