IBM to Launch Taiwan-based Client Innovation Center for Taiwan’s Emerging Industries

9 Sep

IBM seems to be playing a less crucial role in the Internet industry these days, and its market presence has been fading ever since it sold its hardware business. However, there is still a chance for the company’s future business to improve with the launch of its Taiwan-based Client Innovation Center, which is set to recruit more than 100 of the industry’s technology professionals, including programmers, user experience designers, and system architects.

IBM’s goal with the Client Innovation Center is to offer leading services for innovative data applications. These include cognitive computing, AI, Big data analysis, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Fintech, programming, and agile software development. Their purpose is to prepare Taiwan’s professionals for future global trends, and to further increase the opportunities for international collaborations.

IBM is currently looking to recruit as many as one hundred of Taiwan’s top industry professionals, including programmers, user experience designers, system architects, PM, business analysts, and various types of consultants.

Generally, a local branch of an international firm would try to get resources from its headquarters. The situation is similar with IBM’s Taiwanese division, which managed to not only secure the necessary funds for its office expenses and other daily expenditures, but also the support for staff recruitment. The support IBM Taiwan received seems to imply that its newly- launched business will have sufficient sales to sustain its operations.

When observing client innovation centers around the world, it’s easy to notice that most of them are located in regions with lower human resource costs, like India. Their purpose in those regions is to take on as many software related projects and cases as possible. For Taiwan’s IBM Client Innovation Center, the situation is slightly different, since its main goal is to serve the local market. Rather than focusing only on cognitive computing, which IBM is known to place great emphasis on, the Taiwan division is interested in providing its expertise on Fintech, IoT, Blockchain, and Big data analysis to local banks, insurance companies, and telecommunication clients. IBM has replaced its Waterfall model with Agile software development to meet the challenges of the world’s ever- changing environment.

As IBM Taiwan has long been collaborating with local clients from the financial industry, a growing number of them are gradually beginning to sense a need to increase their investment in FinTech.


IBM Taiwan has already managed to gain its headquarter’s approval for the development of its Client Innovation Center. Among the banks that have recently launched new financial technology services, many are known to be cooperating with IBM.


Regarding whether the establishment of the client innovation center would lead to the poaching of its trained employees, Titan Chia, the manager of Global Business Service, said that he isn’t worried, as his believes his company’s employees are already enjoying a strong reputation in the industry. He also added that IBM would actually be glad to see a positive circulation of employees in the industry, and claimed this would further improve the industry’s overall environment.

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