Unstoppable MediaTek Made a New Monthly Revenue Record

12 Sep

MediaTek is unstoppable! The financial results for August announced on Sep. 7th showed that the company’s monthly revenue has benefited significantly from the strong demand in China’s smartphone market. Its profit for this month has also reached a new high, thanks to the effects of the peak season.

MediaTek continued to impress the industry with its new monthly revenue record. As the company reported on Sep. 7th, its consolidated revenue in August stood at NTD$ 25.8 billion (USD$ 819.6 million), with a monthly growth rate of 4.24% and a remarkable annual growth rate of 36.09%. Earlier this year, the company also said that it is expecting its Q3 consolidated revenue to fall within the range of NTD$ 78.3 billion (USD$ 2.48 billion) and NTD$ 84.2 billion (USD$ 2.666 billion), with a 8-16% QoQ increase. That goal could be attained eventually, as the accumulated revenue for July and August has already reached a total of NTD$ 50.68 billion, which is around 64.2% of their minimum goal.

On the other hand, it will probably be more difficult for the company’s gross margin in Q3 to bounce back, under the circumstance that no new products is introduced while competition is heating up. Compared with that in Q2, its margins for Q3 are estimated to decline by as much as 1.3-1.7%, to 33.5-36.5%.

In July, MediaTek is said to have received its very first wave of smartphone component orders from Samsung. Rumor has it that it has also received an official request from Apple to produce its wireless charging chips. If that is true, then MediaTek would have definitely fulfilled a part of its goal to enter all of the mainstream smartphone manufacturers’ supply chains. Its new role would definitely give its profits a massive boost.

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