Toshiba’s New Transistor Arrays Have Data Storage Function

14 Oct

Toshiba Corporation’s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of “TBD62089APG”, a new-generation transistor array for applications such as LED lighting for amusement equipment and high voltage signal transmitters for industrial equipment. The new IC incorporates D-type Flip Flop circuits (8 bit type) in the input part that support a data storage function. Sample shipments start today with mass production scheduled to start at the end of December 2016.

Applications such as amusement equipment (pachinko and slot machines), home appliances (air conditioners and refrigerators), and industrial equipment (vending machines, banking terminals such as ATMs, office automation equipment, and factory automation equipment) continue to add functions year by year, resulting in a shortage of mount area for ICs.

The TBD62089APG integrates D-type Flip Flop circuits, widely adopted as an industry standard, and an 8-ch sink output[1] type transistor array (TBD62083APG) on a single chip in a DIP20 package. As a result, both the component count and the area required for mounting can be reduced.

The TBD62089APG also has a DMOS FET[2] sink output that supports high-voltage and large-current drive with high efficiency, allowing it to cut power loss by about 40%[3] compared with the preceding TD62083A series. This realizes operation with an output margin and lower power loss. Operating as an output load, the new IC is suitable for driving resistance and capacitance loads (LEDs and photo couplers).

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