Perfect Business Decision? HTC’s Vive Sales Reaches 140,000 Units

21 Oct

Despite receiving criticism from Bloomberg for its recent transition towards the contract manufacturing business, HTC’s latest financial performance still turned out to be relatively impressive. With the unbelievable sales of its Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 lifestyle smartphones and the orders it received for Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL handsets, HTC’s revenue for September is said to have reached a total of NTD 9.33 billion. This represents an increase of nearly 42% compared to the prior month. During the same period, the sales of its popular VR device also exceeded expectations.

According to sources cited by the foreign media, HTC is now shifting the majority of its focus from the smartphone to VR market. The sales of its HTC Vive is currently estimated to have reached a total of 140,000 units since the company officially released the product in March, 2016. Cher Wang, the company’s chairman, is highly confident that its VR product’s sales will eventually break record in the future and propel its status in the VR industry.

In September, HTC’s business is believed to have also benefited significantly from its increasingly close partnership with Google, which recently asked the company to produce and assemble its Pixel and Pixel XL handsets. The two companies are currently also in talks to expand their cooperation in the field of mobile VR technology. Assuming the sales of its VR device is successful, the cooperation with Google is very likely to boost HTC’s standing in the VR market.

As of now, the HTC Vive is still receiving a lot of positive word in the industry, despite its higher than average price.

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