Android Pay Expands, Deals Struck with Visa and Mastercard

26 Oct

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Towards the expansion of its Android Pay service, Google has come to strike two strategic partnerships with Visa and Mastercard. As Android Pay expands further thanks to the various deals and debuts Google has been crafting, users will be able to make payments on hundreds of thousands of all new sites, where either of  Visa Checkout or Masterpass are accepted.

In case VisaCheckout and  Masterpass do not ring any bells, they are both payment systems created and maintained by Visa and Mastercard respectively. Both VisaCheckout and Masterpass work with the existing debit and credit cards and provide a safe and hassle free way to perform transactions across all devices, anywhere in the world.

Google’s own smartphone based solution is in many ways, a perfect companion to these systems. As Android Pay expands, it is able to integrate and work in collaboration with more and more payments service providers. The service does not so much as provide a payment platform as improve the existing ones.

Interestingly, Google says that no work will be involved on the merchant’s part. As soon as Android Pay is fully integrated with Masterpass and VisaCheckout, merchants will automatically find buttons updating to take the new systems into account.

There are a couple of steps involved in setting up Android Pay for use.  You will first have to link your account to the service you are planning upon using in the Android Pay app. Next, you can easily use Android Pay at checkout by using your favorite method to authenticate your identity — for example, fingerprint recognition.

In case you are reminded of Apple Pay, well, you are not alone. The main aim of Android Pay here — apart from expanding of course — is to make the process of payments as effortless and as easy as possible. I mean imagine if you could buy stuff and make payments by just pressing your finger to the smartphone, I suppose a lot more things would be bought.

Meanwhile, as Android Pay expands, merchants may just see higher conversion rates and Google might find the popularity of its payments solution increasing as more and more merchants take it on through partnerships like those with Mastercard and Visa. Meanwhile, the Android Pay app will likely be updated with the new Visa Checkout and Masterpass options near the beginning of 2017.

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