Will Foxconn Make Wireless Charging Modules for the iPhone 8?

2 Nov

According to Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review, Foxconn is manufacturing wireless charging modules for the 10th-anniversary iPhone to be released in 2017. Nikkei Asian Review quoted an unnamed industry source who said: “But whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple’s updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on,” the source said.

Additionally, the source told Nikkei Asian Review that Foxconn is producing modules that will be integrated into the smartphones, but it is uncertain if all of the iPhone models released in 2017 will be equipped with the new function.

Analysts say Apple is rolling out wireless charging functions in a bid to put a new spin on the iPhone as the iconic handset prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2017. Currently, the eagerly anticipated smartphone is referred to as the iPhone 8, but it is not clear whether Apple might give it a different name given its significance as the 10th-anniversary iPhone.

Apple has faced more business challenges than usual of late. During the fiscal year ended September, the company posted its first annual revenue decline since 2001. Analysts have attributed that fall in revenue to a saturated global handset market and initially, lower-than-expected demand for the iPhone 7, which is largely seen as featuring incremental improvements rather than ground-breaking new features.

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