Designer Who Turns Fantasy into Reality to Help Tesla Make Future Cars

1 Dec

Tesla’s cars have been criticized for their poor interior design which has failed to match up to their price tags. That said, the futuristic appeal of the cars still attract many young rich buyers.

Now, Tesla is counting on former Microsoft designer Andrew Kim to create more innovative cars. Andrew Kim has confirmed on his LinkedIn profile that he has left Microsoft as a senior designer and joined Tesla as a lead designer.

Andrew Kim is a Korean who graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, in 2013. He has made a name for himself in the industry and runs a design blog called Minimally Minimal, although the blog has stopped updating.

After unveiling his concept design, The Next Microsoft, Andrew Kim got hired by Microsoft and played a key role in the company. In his blog, Kim said Xbox One S was the first big project after he joined Microsoft. You may say Xbox One S is the most beautiful Xbox ever. Not only is it 40% smaller than Xbox One, but it manages to integrate the once-massive external power supply into its sleek housing.

The Xbox One S was widely acclaimed. After the project, Kim was transferred to the HoloLens department where he stayed until he left the company.

Andrew Kim has not revealed his duties at Tesla on LinkedIn; however, judging by his work experience at HoloLens, he is likely to help Tesla engineers improve automotive HUDs (Head Up Displays), making HUDs a standard feature in Tesla’s future cars and replace traditional dashboards.

HUDs are said to replace dashboard displays one day. By projecting navigation and traffic information onto the windshield of a car, a HUD allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road while accessing driving information. Although Tesla has yet to disclose the design of Model 3, its first mass-production car, the pre-production version which lacks a dashboard has provided sufficient basis for our assumption that Model 3 is likely to be Tesla’s first car to feature a HUD. Andrew Kim, who has accumulated abundant experience from Microsoft’s HoloLens project, will surely help Tesla achieve its ambition.

Picture: Andrew Kim