Chinese Music app NetEase Cloud Music rolls out Mac 1.5 Edition, Making it China’s First Online Music Product to Support Touch Bar

3 Dec

NetEase Cloud Music, the most popular online music app in China, recently launched the Mac 1.5 edition of the app on its official website. The app can be easily downloaded and used by a wide range of Chinese Mac users. NetEase Cloud Music updated and optimized several features in this latest edition. Most notably, the version fully supports the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, delivering a new and unprecedented experience to Chinese Mac users. With the roll-out of the Mac 1.5 edition, NetEase Cloud Music has become the first Chinese online music product to support Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar support feature assures a new and unprecedented experience for music listeners

Touch Bar was launched by Apple for the new MacBook Pro at the company’s press conference held in October of this year. Replacing the physical function key originally found in Apple notebooks with a Retina display, Touch Bar allows custom display interfaces for different apps and is Apple’s new input mode in addition to the mouse and the touchpad. With the support for Touch Bar, a feature that has been recognized by the media community as a game-changing innovation since its launch, the Mac 1.5 edition of NetEase Cloud Music is set to provide an amazing product experience for Chinese users who enjoy listening to music online.

With Touch Bar, users of the Mac 1.5 edition have direct control over the features available within each of NetEase Cloud Music’s four modes, Single Songs, Personal FM, Radio Programs and Music Videos. It is the most important feature of the new version. Touch Bar also enables the most commonly used functions, including Play, Pause and Skip.

Based on different expectations of users when selecting Single Songs, Personal FM, Radio Programs or Music Videos, Touch Bar allows easy access to subscriptions and bookmarking, making it easier to enjoy music and meet the listener’s preferences regardless of the listening mode. For instance, when watching music videos, the user can select full screen and adjust the level of clarity. When the user is listening in the FM mode, the preference and trash can options allow the listener to adjust the random song selections to include only ones that fit his or her personal musical tastes.

The new music app supporting Touch Bar may be of service to only 1% of China’s music listening public, yet meets the app maker’s philosophy of valuing the needs of each user

Products already on the market supporting Touch Bar are limited as the new MacBook Pro with the innovative system was just recently launched. In addition to Apple’s native apps, only about a dozen apps have been optimized for Touch Bar, including Day One and 1Password, and those apps are now available in the Apple Store’s special Touch Bar space. The latest edition of NetEase Cloud Music comes with Touch Bar already embedded, making it China’s first music app to support the new system.

Although Mac products are widely acclaimed by their users for their sleek appearance, superior color control, speed and long standby time, in China, they are still considered a niche market item. Despite the Mac having only a small market, NetEase Cloud Music, which always values the needs of each user, has allocated quite a bit of effort assuring the best functionality when running the app on Mac products. As a result, NetEase Cloud Music is currently the sole Chinese music app to support Touch Bar. The user experience-oriented Mac 1.5 edition will be updated frequently and in a timely manner, to be sure of continually meeting the latest design standards and providing Mac music users with a quality product experience. NetEase Cloud Music has been hailed by Chinese music lovers as the “most conscientious music product”.

NetEase Cloud Music’s timely updates of the edition running with Touch Bar reflect the internet company’s focus on the latest trends. NetEase Cloud Music keeps an eye on the trends being led by the latest advances in technology, especially those that involve interactivity, and quickly incorporates these advances into new product releases. An earlier win was when NetEase Cloud Music announced that the iPhone version of the app was one of the first Chinese third-party apps to support Apple’s intelligent in-vehicle infotainment system CarPlay.