Apple’s 4th-Gen MacBook Pro Hits the Taiwan Market with Prices Starting from NTD$ 47,900

13 Dec

Apple announced on the 2nd of December that its 4th-generation MacBook Pro with the latest Touch Bar and Trackpad will officially hit the Taiwan market this month, with retail prices starting from NTD$ 47,900.

The new Touch Bar featured on the 4th gen MacBook Pro will allow its users to customize and display their own app preferences. As for the processor, the MacBook Pro is confirmed to use Intel’s Skylake, which is the company’s 6th-generation Core processor. The 13-inch model is powered by the Core i5 6267U, while the 15-inch model runs with Core i7 6700HQ, with memories of 8GB and 16GB, respectively.

Performance wise, the newest 15-inch MacBook Pro is expected to fulfill most notebook users’  needs. However, in terms of overall computing function and capability, its benefits are expected to be somewhat limited, since the model does not come with the newer and more advanced Kaby Lake processor from Intel, and only uses AMD’s most basic Radeon Pro 450 graphics chip. The fact that it has switched to using only USB Type-C ports also means consumers will have to spend more money to buy cables with the same connectors. This makes the cost of using the new Macbook Pro unnecessarily high for most notebook users.

According to the market’s current pricing, Apple’s entry-level MacBook Pros with the newest Touch Bar are priced very high, at a whopping NTD$ 57,900. The high starting price can mostly be attributed to the significant changes that has been made to its hardware design. For those who can wait, the best time to purchase the laptop would probably be around the end of 1Q17, as that is when the majority of Apple’s notebooks will experience price cuts. During the same period, Apple is likely to also switch to using Intel’s newest Kaby Lake processors for a select number of the Macbook Pros. This would certainly make the new Macbook Pro a much better option for consumers, especially those who prefer to have superior hardware capabilities. Those who want a cheaper version of the new Macbook Pro can also choose to buy it in Japan due to the country’s recent currency depreciation. The costs saved there will be approximately NT$ 6000.

As for the new MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar, it is essentially the upgraded version of the 13-inch MacBook Air. Aside from weighing the same as the MacBook Air, its size, display, and performances are all fully upgraded. Its battery life, which is expected to be similar to that of the MacBook Air, will also be 4 hours longer than the models that come with the new Touch Bar. As the development of the Touch Bar will take time to mature, consumers who are not that demanding on laptops’ performance can consider buying the new MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar at NTD$ 47,900.

According to the latest posts from Taiwan’s Apple website, it can still take up to approximately two to three weeks before the new MacBook Pros come out. The 3rd generation MacBook Pros, which are currently available, are a decent choice for those who prefer to have the original connectors. What is worth noting also is that the new MacBook Pro’s keyboard is available for customization, yet it is limited only for traditional Chinese and the pin-yin system.

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